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Tracking Hours

Tracking Clock Hours

This chart is used to track student curriculum clock hours for the STING RAY program.  The design is built using an excel spreadsheet that enables the user to add or remove competences as needed.  Additionally, the clock hours accomplished by the student each week are entered as applicable.  As data is added to the chart, clock hours needed and clock hours completed will change accordingly.

Tracking Student Progress/ Clock Hours
Best Practices: Using Student Portfolios at USFSP
   Annie Johnson, Curriculum Coordinator, Project STING RAY, USFSP
This session will detail how Project STING RAY utilizes student portfolios to streamline programmatic processes. Using results from person-centered planning, the student portfolio is at the center of a student’s program and drives goal setting, progress monitoring, decision-making and planning of the program of study, internship placement, and more. 



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