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STING RAY Curriculum Plan

STING RAY Curriculum

STING RAY uses a research-based individualized, person-centered, adaptive curriculum built upon the student’s individual needs, strengths, and interests.  The curriculum is a “clock hour” structure with 5 Domain Clusters: Career Development and Employment, Academic Enrichment, Campus and Community Engagement, Independent Living, and Self-Determination.

Those five clusters are subdivided into 10 Curricular Domains (Self-Determination; Academics and Technology; Financial Planning and Money Management; Socialization, Relationships, and Self Esteem; Employment; Travel and Mobility; Community Living; Home Living; Personal Care; and Health and Safety).

The STING RAY curriculum is further detailed with the use of 115 + Domain Competencies.  The competency goals were developed using the Florida Department of Education Exceptional Education Course Descriptions and several professional resources.


See each of the following links for details:

Project 10 STING RAY Curriculum Overview

Project 10 STING RAY Competencies

Project 10 STING RAY Program Structure 
Sample Competencies Reference Examples

Project 10 STING RAY Curriculum Framework/Domains   

Tracking Clock Hours

Project 10 STING RAY Curriculum Design Principles
Project 0 STING RAY curriculum was designed according to Wehman and Kregel’s (1997) principles. These principles indicate that curriculum for our students should be individualized and person-centered, functional or practical to maximize independence, adaptive or adjustable to meet each student’s needs, and ecologically relevant or based upon the student’s environments and major activities.

Project 10 STING RAY Curriculum References


The USFSP STING RAY Curriculum: Choosing and Tracking Domains and Competencies to Meet Individual Student Needs 
 Mickie Hayes, Director, Florida Consortium for Postsecondary Education & Intellectual Disabilities 
  Annie Johnson, Curriculum Coordinator, Project 10 STING RAY 
USFSP Project STING RAY and the Florida Consortium have developed a curriculum for Comprehensive Transition Programs that connects Person-Centered Planning, IEP development, and curriculum competencies into easy to use materials and resources. Participants will learn how to tailor the curriculum to individual needs and track student progress in the areas of Career and Employment, Academic Enrichment, Campus and Community Engagement, Self-Determination, and Independent Living. Proceedings of The 3rd Annual Hartwick Symposium on Postsecondary Education & Intellectual Disabilities, October 31 - November 2, 2012, Jacksonville, FL.



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