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University of South Florida (USF)
Successful Transition After Graduation For Exceptional Students (STAGES)

Access limited to local school district:

  • No

Age Range:

  • 18-22

Program Length:

  • 2 years or successfully employed for six months

Students attend/audit classes with students without disabilities:

  • Optional

Internships / Employment:

  • Yes

Types of disabilities are included in this program:

  • All qualifications of a special diploma

Accepts special diploma, or other non-standard diploma:

  • Yes. Standard Diplomas are not accepted.

Accommodations available:

  • Yes

Student Housing:

  • No

Students will be issued a college ID with access to all college events:

  • Yes

Certificate options available:

  • Upon meeting exit criteria, students are awarded a certificate of completion

Applicants will schedule an appointment with the program instructor to visit the program. The program instructor will give him/her an application. After the program instructor receives the application they will contact the applicant/parent schedule an interview. The program instructor along with one professional district employee from the Adult Education Department and one employee (supervisor/manager) from USF will participate in the applicant's interview and complete a rubric for each applicant.

STAGES: Successful Transition After Graduating for Exceptional Students
     University of South Florida – Tampa
    Keensha Parnham, Transition Facilitator
    [email protected]   
STAGES is a partnership between the School District of Hillsborough County and University of South Florida College of Education Department of Special Education. Training and support is provided to young adults with disabilities including opportunities to experience college life, explore career options, utilize public transportation, learn self-advocacy skills, interact with age-appropriate peers, and reach their potential as independent members of the community.  


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